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Our Story

Mooi is dutch for beautiful. At Mooi Co, our eyes are tuned to the frequency of beauty and we are constantly inspired to create beautiful things.
Mooi Co is our bid to bring you some of that beauty and hope it becomes a part of your world.



Team Mooi
Currently, “Team Mooi” consists of myself, my wonderful husband and my two beautiful girls whose wide-eyed wonder constantly invites me to pursue the glorious in every day. They’ve taught me, it is not all that hard.

 Let me introduce myself. I am Surangi Sangarapillai. To my friends, simply, Sungi. Creating things has always been a passion for me and the idea of Mooi Co has been in my heart for a few years now. Motherhood has afforded me the wonderful opportunity to create pretty little things for my girls and celebrate special moments with them.

What you see on this site is mostly inspired by these moments of making memories with my family and friends. My hope is that your encounter with us will leave you with a little sparkle and inspire you to make your journey, beautiful.


- Surangi -